nona julianne thornton

Nona is an educated painter, graphic designer, and fiber artist. Born and raised in Athens, Geor­gia, surrounded by artistic thinkers, she views art as a necessary pursuit—creations to celebrating people and the individual. This idea led her to attend Savannah College of Art and Design.

            Beginning with an interest in graphic design, she realized that she wanted to focus on something more tactile. She applied her graphic skills to something that she truly loves: pattern and the sensitivity for construction of fabrics. She believes her work in fiber arts allows a greater sense of intimacy because it is possible to manipulate color, shapes and texture of fabric. Nona completed her BFA in Fibers at SCAD, concentrating in surface design and product design. 

            It is her hope to channel her creative efforts into a career that allows her to design unique, eclectic, and individualistic collections.